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Thanks to all who have let me know they wish to have a copy of Compass Point. There is plenty of time to add your name to my list. One of my favorite comments that I have received on the book was my daughter-in-law’s. She said, “You don’t like suspense, but you write suspense!” Well, I guess when I know what is coming, it’s different. My daughter thinks it’s my best writing yet. I hope so.

If you listen to podcasts, there is a great one called “The Projects Edge” on Anchor whose focus is on the changes and challenges in education as well as communication between the education world and the world. It has real teachers talking about the real problems they are facing, even little things we might not ever imagine as an obstacle. Check it out!

My granddaughter and I got through our first week of school. It was Welcome Week, so not a lot of assignments other than using the tools of on-line education for the purpose of everyone becoming familiar with them. My granddaughter has made a nice slide and video so far. On to the real-deal core classes next week.

This school routine is taking some getting used to on my part. I’ve become a person that wakes up and works according to how I feel and what motivates me. I start in the garden, fill the bird baths, check the pots that don’t get auto watered, and go from there. Now, I have to take my work with me – which means the laptop and reading materials. Those are usually things I save for hot afternoons, so I’m doing more of the gardening and watering in the evenings. At least the weather forecast does not show anymore 90 degree days for a while, hopefully not before next summer! I guess if the kids can adapt – so can I.

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