Red Alert

I saw a great post the other day. “I’m not buying a planner for 2021 until I see a trailer.” How funny, sad, and true. Who would have opted for 2020 if they’d known what was coming? A great line from my favorite movie, “Out of Africa” was paraphrased something like this. “The world is round so we can’t see what’s coming.” Amen. The picture below is CSU’s theater. RedAlertRestart is a nationwide event to let you know theater artists are working hard to bring safe events to us in the future.

This is week two of school. We are rocking it. Actually, my granddaughter is rocking it, I’m just here on the sidelines cheering her on. We take walks with the dogs in-between classes. I’m writing. She’s reading. We’ve been discussing flavors of ice cream to make. Important stuff to figure out you know.

I spent last weekend with the other four grandkids, the two boys on Saturday and the two girls on Sunday. All of the plants I planted or moved and replanted are doing well. We’ve now had some rain and cooler temperatures, such a blessing. I’m also trying to figure out how to put a trellis up, by myself, on the side of my house. It’s kind of large and things are never easy to do with only one set of hands. I’m going to figure out how good of a stud finder I have. It has to find studs beneath cement siding. We’ll see!

I ordered a canvas picture for my living room. Lesson learned. Never again will I order artwork without seeing it in person. The color was not at all as represented. The background was supposed to be a neutral tannish color. No. No. It came coral pinkish. Ack! Back it went. It was large and the post office wanted $139.99 to take it. Fed-ex wanted $224.00. The gal said it would probably cost the company about ten bucks. I called them and they printed me a label so it didn’t cost me anything. There’s another lesson that takes conscious effort, advocate for yourself.redalert

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