So, I haven’t found any Murder Hornets in my yard, but I did have two nests of wasps which are definitely not high on my “like” list. They have been annihilated, destroyed, removed, and are no longer growing under the eves of my house. Bees in the flowers are fine, wasps are not welcome. 

My youngest daughter has been on a treasure hunt, trying to remove anything of value from inside and around our old farm house before it is torn down. She sends pictures of stuff and I am amazed at the memories those evoke. Mostly good. She and her husband have drawn plans for their new house to be built in the coming year. What an exciting adventure they are on. I am so happy for them. I would love to be on such a journey.

Remote School is progressing in full swing now. I am amazed at the adaptability of the kids. I really feel for the smaller kids though, K thru about third grade. Their attention span is so limited. You would think that with all of those empty school buildings, they could spread out the little kids to an acceptable physical distance and put them in a building with teachers. I know the logistics would be a nightmare, but man oh man, those little kids need constant watching, reminding to mute, and “PAY Attention!”

Please, please, please everyone, wear masks when you are around others. Think of these little learners. The fact that we can stop this virus in its tracks with good hygiene and some physical distancing makes it doubly frustrating to watch people ignore those simple rules.  

Without putting my brain in gear, I took a little trip down I-25 during Labor Day get-away traffic. Oh My Goodness! What was I thinking? A two hour trip took 3 and half. Where are all those people going? They certainly came out of the woodwork for this holiday. 

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