Fire & Ice

The high 90s heat and smoke came back. The fire flared up – again, and the wind shifted direction – again, doubling the size (over a hundred thousand acres as I write this). Luckily, however, we are getting a freeze and snow for two days. Lovely. I can only pray the snow puts the fire out. It is discouraging to look out at the patio and see ash all over the furniture. For a while we couldn’t open the windows at night because of the ash, now it’s because it is so cold. Freezing cold!

Whatever plants aren’t ruined by the freeze will have to endure the return to hot temperatures a few days from now when we go back to the eighties. I usually don’t cover plants. By this time of year I am done, but this year I’ve planted several new things just about to bloom. I want to see them bloom!

My yard may look like a patchwork quilt, but I’m going to attempt to save some things. Heavens to Betsy, there are baby pumpkins that need more time!

Compass Point just got sent to the editor for copy editing. I am done, except for those inevitable changes that must be made to fix the errata. Don’t forget to let me know if you wish to have a ‘real book’ in your hands rather than an e-book. 

School is progressing. Each new week brings new challenges and changes, but for the most part, we are settling into the routine. My granddaughter is facing the task of self-motivation and responsibility with her usual sweet grace. I am very proud of her. Remote learning is not for everybody. I see good aspects and bad aspects to this, but I see adaptation and growth in new ways too. I have to say, right now teachers and fire fighters are my heroes. 

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