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Another week survived. More glitches in the world of remote learning figured out. Less meltdowns and frustration, although huge numbers of assignments tend to rile the dander just a bit. The flowers are still beautiful in the yard. Nothing to complain about. Ha! My wish for the world right now is no wild fires and no Covid 19. 

This is my political message to all of you this fall. Vote. If you care about your children’s future, the planet’s future, really anything beyond yourself, Vote. Please Vote. That’s it. Pretty simple. The ballot is where it counts, where you make your voice heard.

I worked on my dedication page for Compass Point, which is harder than you might think to get just right. I’m dedicating it to my dad. His character is in the book and much of it takes place in his FBI territory of Colorado and Utah. As I’m writing, I’m hearing a lesson on long division in the background. That presents a new challenge for me. I’m not one who writes with distractions. My house is quiet, I like quiet, I work in quiet. Yikes. However, I do get lots of attention from my grand dogs, so that is nice.

I turned on the water and sprinkler system again, for another couple of weeks before the final blow-out for this season. I also dragged in the hammock, the first piece of patio furniture to go into hibernation. The others will go in slowly, after what I hope is a long and beautiful Indian summer. I notice we have color coming to bushes and a few trees already. Autumn is on its way. It’s my favorite time of year, the crisp air and pretty colors, but it is a sad harbinger of winter – not my favorite time of year. I hope the bulbs I ordered come soon. I am ready to plant for that all important first color pop in the spring.

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