Little Things

Monday mornings aren’t very fun. We had to figure out the new (yes they changed it once again!) calendar for this week. They say this is the calendar for the rest of the year. The problem being – last Friday one of the teachers posted a calendar that wasn’t right and has since been changed. Arghh. Cross out, cross out. Start again. I’ve heard the remote school got about 7 times more students than they expected, so no wonder at all the scrambling. That explains a lot. I really feel for these teachers.

If each sixth grader had a personal tech person to teach them these programs, as my teacher daughter has now done for her daughter, it would be SO helpful. However, the logistics of helping all of these students learn their particular laptop’s tricks of the trade from home is impossible. How are parents coping? There has to be a huge crush of stress on the students as well. They’ve not had the keyboard training or computer training to understand you can’t have unlimited tabs open without slowing down your computer, or how and where to save things before you submit them – just in case.

My student (granddaughter) hated school at a few junctures during the day. Remember that feeling? Oh I do, but my telling her that didn’t help one bit. Fortunately, her first teacher had a fun class and got her laughing. Then along came Tuesday and it went great. 

I am a person who lives by organization and calendars and set schedules. This bouncing around in a pin-ball machine of shifting targets (new calendars) leaves me overwhelmed and feeling like I’m the wrong person to be coaching. Anyone want to make a bet on whether or not this actually is the calendar for the remainder of the year? I’m not holding my breath.

Little things. It’s the little things now. 

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