Planting for the Future

A couple of technical triumphs on the remote schooling front. One was my granddaughters and one was mine; both were done without her folks helping us. Yay. True high-five moments. I am also enjoying listening to all the cool stuff she’s learning in science. 

My bulbs arrived and I went right to work planting (after school), getting about half in the ground before I was worn out. I decided to charge up my drill and use the auger for the second half. As tired as I was, I know I’ll love the color next spring. Also, the fellow who put in my new windows last spring came by and we figured out how wasps, etc. are coming in the two windows I didn’t replace. One is in the garage, and I never open it so I’m fixing it with steel wool. The other is in the guest bathroom. A new one has been ordered. I want to be able to open that window.

Here’s the growing list of odd things happening in my neighborhood of late: a couple of bears were spotted roaming through yards; a small herd of elk was photographed walking down Lady Moon – a larger thru-street that cuts our subdivision into two parts; and my iris are blooming in September rather than last spring.

I get that the late freeze in May coupled with 14 inches of snow kind of confused the plant world (many trees didn’t bloom at all). I suppose that the Cameron Peak fire is driving animals out of the mountains to look for food. What is especially odd though, is that I live on the east side of Fort Collins, not the west which meets up with the foothills at the base of the mountains. Maybe the wildlife are headed out to farm country. Elk used to live naturally out east on the plains. Farming drove them to the mountains, so maybe 2020 has reversed the cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything this year.

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