There are days when you wonder. I thought I had nothing to do after dropping my granddaughter back at her house. I came home and have been busy ever since. In fact, I’m now writing because I am putting off one project I started earlier that wasn’t going well. You know how that goes. Procrastination. I started changing out some lights to pendant fixtures over the kitchen island. Then I hit a glitch and found myself doing other things. Okay. Okay. I’ll try again.

All of the fall “have to do’s” are done in the yard, except for raking leaves. So, each day I spend a little time digging out plants I no longer want in their current location, and transplanting or throwing them away. Gardening is an ever-evolving art project, one you never finish. I am pleased when I think about where I’ve come with it in the six plus years I’ve been here.

The terrible fires in the mountains to the west of us are still burning. My friends are still on pins and needles as to whether or not they’ll be evacuated – again. The smoke still dries my throat and burns my eyes when I take my walk. 

Updates. Light fixtures installed but one is not right. Something to deal with. Mandatory fire evacuations ordered, so my friends are in their RV with 3 dogs and 3 cats. Not good. I raked another bag of leaves off the driveway so they didn’t get crushed to bits under the tires. Many many more to come.

My granddaughters and I went fairy house shopping. We had a delightful morning, only broke two items, and ended up at the splash fountain for a half hour of squealing fun. My grandsons spent part of their morning in a combine picking corn. All in all a great fall day!

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