Dirt vs Soil

I watched an excellent documentary entitled, “Kiss the Ground.” I wonder how many of you know the difference between dirt and soil? The show is on Netflix and well worth the time to watch. Rotational grazing and the NRCS were two of my passions when I lived on the farm. It is more important than ever that we act now in order to sustain our planet. It can be done! Though you might think living in a town, there isn’t much you can do to help, but there are many, many small things that help. One is composting your vegetable scraps. Another is not using lawn fertilizer. My lawn takes a little longer to green up in the spring, but by summer looks just like everyone else’s, except it grows slower (less mowing) and uses less water. All good benefits.

I am amazed that we are already at the end of September, which puts us 3/4 of the way through this year. Unsurprisingly, we are also headed into the second wave of Covid 19 cases and deaths. The country’s virus fatigue is going to get us in a whole lot of trouble. People seem to forget that we did well last spring because campuses were closed and children were at home. Not so now. I’m grateful businesses have mandated masks, even if the government wasn’t wise enough to do so. If you disagree with that assessment, look at the statistics in New Zealand, then read their mandates and see how they reacted to their government’s controls. 25 deaths in the entire country.

I baked my first batch of gluten-free bread and cinnamon rolls. I thought that I could spread enough glaze on the rolls to make them ok, even if the bread wasn’t very good. It wasn’t so. They stunk. Gluten is supposedly one of the ingredients that flares up inflammation (arthritis). One of my family members can’t have gluten, so I wanted to try  some of my favorite recipes. I can give up bread – though I love toast in the mornings – but giving up Crunch Drop cookies at Christmas time would just be a step too far. 

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