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Reach For It

We are having lovely fall weather, except for the smoke and the drought. My grass is on the verge of looking dreadful. No rain in the forecast though there are some cooler temperatures headed our way. Bushes have turned vermillion. Yellow leaves are falling all over the neighborhood. Everything crunches under my feet as I…

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Every Angle

I was presented some thoughts on mis-management being a part of the fire problem we now face. I agree that decades of fire-suppression creates a back-log of fuel to burn these outrageously hot and out-of-control fires that seem to get worse every year. What those opinions don’t give us is a method to prescribe burn…

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Fire fatigue has set in. Days on end of waiting to go home, praying there is a home to go home to, the stress of the unknown, all the years and joy and memories of one’s home. I feel so bad for my friends, waiting, waiting, waiting, and nothing I can really do to help…

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