Fire fatigue has set in. Days on end of waiting to go home, praying there is a home to go home to, the stress of the unknown, all the years and joy and memories of one’s home. I feel so bad for my friends, waiting, waiting, waiting, and nothing I can really do to help them beyond my prayers. I’ve been smelling the smoke for so long I can hardly tell when it’s there anymore, even when my phone says “Unhealthy air quality.” It just doesn’t seem real anymore. Until you look at the pictures of the burnt forest. 

My granddaughter’s teacher gave the kids the wrong test, so she spent another day on testing. So frustrating. And none of it is required or does a thing to actually teach the children something. When did we start this testing for tests sake? Ridiculous!

I saw a bunny in my backyard the other day. A friend and I spent a half hour searching, beating the bushes, and we came up empty handed. We found a few spots in the fence that a mouse could get through and I fixed those. I don’t get it, unless the bunny burrowed into the ground within seconds of my seeing him. Or he flies. I don’t know. I guess I won’t worry about it.

There was frost on the roofs, but I have yet to see it affect the plants at ground level. Fall is coming though. We’ve had to shut off our lawn sprinklers because of low water in Horsetooth Reservoir. (So much water has been used to fight the fire.) We so desperately need rain. California too. I have to laugh at the posts I’ve seen from people blaming mis-management of the forests for the fires. Ignorance is bliss. Drought! people, ever heard of drought?  Desertification. Climate Change. Carbon loss. These are terms that everyone should have to learn about, and soon.

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