Reach For It

We are having lovely fall weather, except for the smoke and the drought. My grass is on the verge of looking dreadful. No rain in the forecast though there are some cooler temperatures headed our way. Bushes have turned vermillion. Yellow leaves are falling all over the neighborhood. Everything crunches under my feet as I walk. Because Horsetooth Reservoir has gotten so low, we had to quit watering outside. It shows.

I hope to go camping soon. We’ve chosen to go south to a warm area we’ve not gone to before. I’ll let you know what we think of it after we’ve been there. This isn’t our original plan, nor even our second plan, but things happen and you adjust, especially this year. We take what we get. Don’t look for blogs while I’m gone.

Remote schooling is going much much better now. My granddaughter is learning amazing skills, adapting to the shifting horizon, and shy as she is, advocating for herself now with her teachers. I am so proud of her, as well as in awe of the work she is producing. Very inspiring. We are currently brainstorming field trips.

I watched David Attenborough’s latest documentary, his Witness Statement, “A Life on Our Planet.” It is extraordinary. I recommend everyone watch it. He is 93 years old now, and has been documenting our planet his entire life. He gives us the facts, as hard as they are to watch, but he also gives hope and solutions. Finger pointing without giving solutions is pointless and not credible, in my opinion. Since humankind first went into space and we could see our beautiful planet as a whole, we have barreled toward destruction at an ever increasing, astronomical rate. As gloomy as that is, there is hope, if we reach for it.

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