Back At It

The trip I just took was memorable, but probably for the wrong reason. The weather did not cooperate and strong winds made bike riding and most of the fishing opportunities less than ideal. We did catch fish in Lake Meredith, and had a great day at the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument. That was pretty cool, but then I love arrowheads and Native American history. Amazing to find out just how far and wide the flint from that quarry was traded across North America.

For me, the least happy part of taking a vacation is the catch up part at the end. Sorting through the mail, checking bank balances, sorting through messages, finding the things you forgot to pack (sitting on the dresser where you set them down to do some other last minute task), all of these add up to bleh. Getting away is fun, especially with good company, and probably necessary for my mental health, but for some reason, I border on melancholy when I return.

By the next day, I was back at it. The laundry got put away, the desk cleared. I’d been to the store and stocked up on fresh vegetables. I dug the remaining carrots out of the garden and cooked a batch to make soup. We have snow in the forecast, the perfect opportunity for soup.

And boy do we need snow! The fires have increased beyond my imagination. My driveway is covered in ash. An eerie yellow/orange glow made a recent day seem like something out of an alien planet, dark and ugly. Forget air quality. I cannot imagine the impact/acceleration on climate change from the fires in the western United States. It’s real, and it isn’t pretty. Our farm, like so many others, is suffering from the severe drought, which in turn hurts everyone’s pocket book. You don’t have to look far to see and feel the effects.

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