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A foot of snow has fallen outside. It’s not easy to shovel, but I must say, it is such a blessing. The firefighters on the Cameron Peak Fire and the Troublesome Fire deserve this break. They have worked so hard. Bless their hearts, their determination, their dedication, and their courage. Also, a thank you to all of their families back at home. Some of these firefighters have come from as far away as Puerto Rico. I love to see this reciprocity. As I’ve said many times, there is no Planet B.

I am proud of myself for not going out and struggling with the snow until I hurt. I shoveled a path from the front door to the sidewalk. It continued to snow, but the next pass across that was easy. The neighbor came with his snowblower and did my sidewalk. Bless him! I have no plans to go anywhere soon, so I’ll let warming temperatures take care of what I don’t finish on the driveway. A little everyday is my motto now. 

I pulled the quilt out that I started last spring. I had to sort out the cut pieces and the templates. Time to get at it again. I’ve been working on a design for a house I would like to build. The problem is where I would build this house. That has not become apparent to me. Regardless, I continue work on the design. It feels like I’m on a walk-about, trying to decide where I belong and what I should be doing.

I love traveling, and that’s about the only time I don’t feel compelled to be working. I know I’m supposed to be enjoying retirement, but the truth is, I’m not wired for it. I have to keep busy, whether it’s experimenting in the kitchen, sewing a quilt, designing and working in the garden, I need to be busy. Perhaps, I need a new hobby. The problem with that is, again, nothing has struck my fancy. Hence, my need for a walk-about.

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