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The election is over, at least the ads are over. Thank Goodness! Counting may go on for days, but one way or another, this most contentious, ugly affair is over. In less that two months, 2020 is over. Whoopie! I’ve never felt about a year quite like I do this year. I like the post that said someday soon we’ll use 2020 as a curse word. “What the 2020 are you talking about!”

Our foot of snow is long gone. The grass is still crunchy. I don’t know whether that means most of the moisture evaporated rather than soaking in, or simply that the grass is too far past the growing season. At any rate, the crunchy ground is saddening. I was hoping the snow helped. There might be rain showers coming. I hope so. That will help more than snow. I managed to get quite a bit of dead-heading done. The seventy degree days have helped. Of course, that’s also why it’s so dry.

The quilt is coming along. I have completed more than half of the creatures that will adorn it. My granddaughter suggested I add a dragon, but for some reason that doesn’t fit with the National Park theme I have going. Shucks. I kind of like the idea of a dragon quilt. If I do another one, it will definitely be made of geometric shapes that are easy to sew together. Animals have all kinds of odd shapes and antlers that are not easy to work around.

Compass Point is being edited as I write this. It will be nice to have it completed. Where I go from there with my writing is anybody’s guess. I’m having more fun with my drawing classes for the time being. I also bought some paint and plan a little experimentation along those lines. The house design is progressing too. Writing has slipped to the back burner. We’ll see.

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