Electoral College

A weekend of grandkids. The best kind of all. We had special meals (not high on the healthy scale but not terrible either), special fun, and fairy stories to go to sleep by.

Work on the quilt is progressing. I may have enough pieces done now to finish it, but I won’t know until I roll it out and pin them on. Work had to stop while the grandkids were here. Pins and needles and two year olds don’t go together well. 

The leaves are getting raked, but as I look up, many have yet to fall, so I’m being patient. I deadheaded most of the flowers and cut back the trumpet vine. A little progress every day.

We have survived so many strange things in 2020. Following the election, I’m hopeful for healing in 2021, healing from political turmoil, from the virus, and the struggling economy, but also from our lack of respect for others voting their conscience even though it differs from our own opinion. We are only human. None of us have divine powers to figure out the best course for everyone else. Respect for each person is what makes a democracy. Let us not forget how blessed we all are to live in this great country.

I am trying to figure out the need for the electoral college in our modern day democratic system. I understand the need for it back when it was implemented. I don’t now. I read one opinion that stated they believed the electoral college is what has turned our states to red and blue rather than the United States. If each vote were counted and amassed into one popular vote, then people who live in a state that the majority voted differently, wouldn’t feel like their vote was thrown away. Each vote would count toward that total that decides the winner. I welcome your thoughts here. The logic of keeping the electoral college versus the division it has helped foster eludes me. 

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