Snow lays quietly on the grass, hiding the leaves yet to be raked. Most of them were brought down by the latest snowfall, only a few still cling to the branches. My son-in-law came and trimmed my crabapple tree, massively. I think he was hesitant to do as much as I wanted done, but I believe it’s the only way the poor dear tree is going to survive. It has been hit by too many late freezes, bad hails and windstorms. I’m hoping it can concentrate it’s life force on the remaining upright portion. I think it looks really good now, far better than the drooping bedraggled mess that it had become. We’ll see. There are several tree nurseries around here eager to sell me a replacement if need be.

While the saw buzzed, my daughter and oldest grandson worked hard to haul all of the wood to the back yard. (I was watching the 2 year old). It now lays in neatly stacked piles, ready for the fire pit next year when the wood is dried. I have a good pile of already dried wood, so we plan some fires for over the holidays if the weather cooperates. I am so excited for this coming holiday season. We have our meals planned out and the grandkids think we should put up two trees this year, one on each floor of the house. Of course they do! 

The boys and I played some ping-pong while they were here this past weekend. Boy have I gotten rusty. I’m just not playing enough. The holidays will afford me some opportunities to get back into it. I for sure need the exercise. With Covid on the rampage, and the cold weather settling in, the motivation to exercise is getting harder and harder to muster. For some reason, running my sewing machine or the keyboard aren’t exactly considered cardio. Go figure.

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