My day went from building a fairy forest of mushrooms for my granddaughter’s fairy themed birthday cake, to limbing and sawing up branches trimmed from the crabapple tree, to fixing fence, followed by utter exhaustion. I did manage to finish embroidering a beaver and making a moose for the quilt, but that was as far as I could go. Good thing I had already gotten in my walk and planned supper. I had no energy left for thoughts like that.

I’m not sure why this amused me, but it did, so here it is. The neighbors kid and I both went to the mail box cluster at the same time. He wore a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I wore my winter coat and ear muffs. Age just cracks me up. 

On a recent warm day, I strung up my outdoor lights for the holidays. Heck, the city has all of theirs up, so why not me? Besides, that is definitely not a job I want to do in the cold. I’ve noticed the companies that do it professionally are swarming all over the neighborhood. I guess that means the virus is not curtailing the spirit of the upcoming holiday season. I’m so glad to see it. 

The pandemic has gotten worse, though there are many who have yet to embrace the facts. I guess I would invite them to visit the morgues or the hospitals and talk to those front line physicians and nurses battling this disease every day. Hindsight is 20/20. What a prophecy that statement is. In hindsight, don’t we all wish everyone had paid attention to the guidelines, worn masks, kept their distance, and washed their hands back in the spring. We would not be facing these grim holiday statistics all these months later if we had. I have yet to figure out how wearing a mask is any different from wearing a helmet on a motorcycle or a bike, wearing a seat belt, or being strapped into a car seat. None of these things are mentioned in our Constitution. They just make good sense and save lives. 

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