We are having a lot of beautiful weather for November. My remembrances of this month are that it is usually dreary and cloudy. This year, perhaps nature is gifting us warm sunshine to help fight covid fatigue. Perhaps not, but it has been beautiful in-between the spurts of cold and snow and wind. I handle those spurts much better when the nice stuff is interspersed. I even deadheaded the daylilies. That job usually doesn’t get done until spring.

I have heard the argument that each person should have the right to go out and eat, or drink or gather in large groups, etc. despite Covid. Personal Choice! I understand that sentiment. I really do. I think it’s selfish, but I understand our want to be selfish at times. I just don’t think this is one of those times. Not when doctors and nurses are quitting because they can’t take it anymore. They just can’t take the dying patients and then going home and watching people on TV say Covid is a hoax and the government was wrong to shut anything down. “UNCONSTITUTIONAL!,” they cry. Have they read the Constitution?

Hey, if any of us had known what was coming, would we have acted the same way last spring? My guess is probably not. I am amazed at how much we have learned about the way Covid spreads, about what drugs lessen the severity of the disease, about how to fight it, and how to keep our kids learning. The medical community has learned a lot, but there is a lot yet to learn. Same goes for our schools.

In the old days, if you didn’t like the rules and regs of a city, you headed west and fought the elements, and the Native Americans. When cattlemen came through and grazed off your land, you put up fences. People cut the fences because it interfered with their right to ride through. Oh oh. Civilization had moved West too. The settlers hired Sheriffs and Marshalls to enforce the new laws. So, you moved again and became a trapper or panned for gold. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of places to go that don’t have civilization and laws and regulations. What’s an old codger supposed to do?

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