Old Ritual

I managed to slough off and not write for the past week. I did however, bake way too much and enjoyed every single calorie that I swallowed. I was going to start putting in the errata corrections for Compass Point, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Then I looked at my quilt and tried to convince myself to finish the embroidery. Nope. I ran an errand, I went to the store, I downloaded some materials for the book, but nothing really triggered the old “let’s get to work” reflex. Perhaps tomorrow?

The house is all decorated, inside and out. I wrapped half of the Christmas presents. Those go out early. The other half can wait. I’m trying to convince my body to go back to my pre-Thanksgiving eating pattern, but the mind/body is resisting. Mightily. 

My grandsons found two kittens and their mama at the farm. They’ve adopted them – of course. The move is all done now so they won’t be driving back and forth so much. I’m glad of that, except the part where it takes me an extra hour and a half to go visit them. Such is life.

I found and fixed errors that kept customers from purchasing books on my website. If you have youngsters in your life and are still Christmas shopping, go to barbaratynerbooks.com. There are children’s books and middle grade fiction available for great gifts that don’t require screen time.

December already! How does it happen so fast, over and over again? This year, on New Year’s Eve, I will follow my old tradition of going to bed at my usual time. No staying up late like I did last year and following someone else’s ritual at midnight. That didn’t work out so good for 2020. 

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