Good Fortune

Two pages into the errata sheets from my copy editor, I realized the program I was using on her document was not saving the changes. I had to start over. Migraine! Oh well. I’m learning a lot about the English language (mostly about how poor at it I actually am). My french lessons, however, are coming along nicely. I’ve been studying it (on my own) for a year now, and I’m finally truly making progress. Then there is the quilt. I began the process of tacking down all of the critters and scenes and emblems onto the background. If I do one each day, I’ll be satisfied and done by New Years. I also decided to add eight additional trees.  

On a whim, I hung a few more lights outside. I mean, why not? I had them, and they’re so pretty. They aren’t pretty sitting in a box. Everyone on my street (except one) has lit up their house this year! Since I was a little girl, driving around and looking at Christmas lights is one of the highlights of winter and the holidays. I wondered where that tradition began, so I looked it up. It turns out that Thomas Edison made the first strings of lights and hung them outside his Menlo Park Laboratory in 1880 for the Christmas season. Wow. So the tradition has been around for a long, long time. Kind of cool.

Germany gets credit for the first Christmas trees in the 16th century. So that one has been around a long time too. My mother told me it’s also a German tradition to put a bird on your Christmas tree. I have several. I looked that one up too. Come to find out, a bird in a nest and pickle ornaments both mean good fortune. Who knew? Guess what I’ll be looking for as future Christmas presents?

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