Happy Holidays

 I am going to take time off from blogging through the holidays. As I write this, I’m watching it snow teeny tiny flakes (we are so in need of moisture), coming mostly straight down, which is something you appreciate if you’ve ever lived out on the Plains. Covid has caused so much stress in the world, I am going to hibernate more than my hermit’y self usually does in winter in order to find the missing spark of light in my heart.

I wish everyone peace, good will, health and happiness for the coming year. I pray each of us finds kindness in our hearts, shares smiles, respects others despite differing opinions, and thinks before we speak. Ironically, that is a tall order for humans. Perhaps that irony is why I am in need of this inner search.

I will not find what I selfishly want under my Christmas tree this year. So, instead, I am looking for ways that I can help others. There are so many good organizations working to help the unfortunate. It isn’t easy choosing, so I’m letting my heart strings guide me. Even my grandsons got in on the choosing. My hope is that giving to those in need will fill me up far more than what is to be found inside pretty wrapping paper. 

Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year to you all. Barbara

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