Back in the saddle again. I say that because returning to writing my blog is a bit like riding a horse after a long hiatus. What I have yet to figure out is my new novel project. There is simply so much going on at the moment. A new novel idea may have to wait for an epiphany moment rather than a sit down, slug it out brainstorm. The reason being, I was given three jigsaw puzzles for Christmas, and well you know, first things first! There is also my water color experiment, making plans to go camping, year-end books, and tax preparation. The quilt is off to the quilters, so that is checked off. I painted the other two walls in that little bathroom (the ones I said I’d never do). Turns out being bothered by an undone project is motivation enough for me. It’s definitely too cold to garden. I don’t even want to look at garden magazines, but oh by the way, the first catalog showed up in the mail the other day. Of course. 

I was going to unplug the outdoor holiday lights, but I’m joining with others who are leaving them up till January 31st to celebrate our health care workers. That’s an easy tribute and they certainly deserve it.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? I have big plans to make a blueberry pie. Yup. Doesn’t that sound like a good way to celebrate? I’ve already made pumpkin, pecan, and cherry in the last month, so blueberry is what it will be. I’m not staying up until midnight either. I did that last year and look how 2020 turned out! I’m facing the next year on a full night’s sleep. 

I have gotten brave and booked a “get on a plane” vacation for 2021. Yikes. That seems so silly to say. A year ago I would never have thought of that being a big deal. But after this past year, it kind of is a big deal. A great big wonderful deal. I’m hoping I’ll have had my Covid vaccination by then, so off I can go!

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