I’m starting off 2021 with a controversial subject, so if you don’t like controversy, or only like your own opinion and no others, you best not read any further. What a way to reduce one’s readership!

Many years ago I took a Comparative Religions class in college wherein we studied the eight major religions of the world. I came away with three impressions that have lasted to this day. One was the parallels. The origin stories of all of the religions have uncanny similarities, and the Golden Rule exists in all of them. Out of that came my second conclusion, why people need religion, and from that came the third: that need making it so easy for those in power to abuse their position. 

The difference between education and indoctrination comes to my mind when I dwell on this subject. It doesn’t extend only to religion, of course, it happens with all subjects. Education is the broadening of one’s mind by looking at all sources of information on a subject. Indoctrination is being taught one groups beliefs only, or that “all other beliefs are wrong” philosophy. 

If it was possible to label someone, say conservative or liberal, and be correct, wouldn’t that be nice? However, that is a falsehood. It never holds true, which is why I never vote for a party, I always vote for a person. I myself am very fiscally conservative and believe you should only spend the money you have. Hence I hate our government’s out-of-control spending. In other ways, I am very liberal – the definition of which is someone who believes in individual rights. Now tell me that definition hasn’t gotten skewed (like so many others) in the past decades of nasty politics.

I would love to see us eliminate lobbyists. I would like to see a one six-year-term presidency so the President is governing the entire time and not running for re-election. I would like to see those in Congress get one or two terms max. and Senators be there for eight years max. My hope would be that without the pressure of re-election, those officials could vote their conscience rather than their pocketbooks.

Okay. I’m done with controversy for the year, and if you believe that, I have . . .

PS: I would like for someone to invent a jigsaw puzzle in which the pieces come out of the box right side up.  

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