I remember the crosswalk in front of my elementary school where I stood when I heard the news that President Kennedy had been shot and killed. I will never forget.

I remember the room where I stood in front of the tv and watched an airplane fly into the second twin tower building, and then watched the building collapse, floor by floor. I will never forget.

And now, I will always remember where I stood when a mob stormed the Capitol building of the United States of America. Not a third world country. Our country. The United States of America, a country of wealth and privilege.

We weren’t attacked by Russia. We weren’t attacked by China. We witnessed insurrection, an attempt to overthrow our democracy. The anarchists breached the Capitol, vandalizing the People’s House that was built by our forefathers sweat, and they threatened our lawfully elected officials. In so doing, they violated each and every one of us. People died because of it. A truly sad and shameful day.

People in the mob yelled, “We are taking back our country!” Taking it back from whom? Has our country gone somewhere? Tell me please, who has it? We have elections. Don’t we “take it back” each and every election? Our leaders are chosen by the majority. It happens every couple of years and has for over two hundred years.

I’ve long said, complacency is complicity. 

On January 6, 2021 a mob was incited by fanaticism for a man, not for democracy, not for lofty ideals, not to protect our republic, but for a man. They were encouraged to storm the very symbol of our democracy. It has happened before. In Germany in the late thirties. If you don’t see the parallel, then you are deliberately blinding yourself. 

I am embarrassed for our country. Shame on President Trump for inciting his followers to march on the Capitol and then hiding silently in the White House because he cannot take his defeat like an adult. His temper tantrum has cost lives. I will never forget. 

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