I’m Off! sometime

Life is full of turns, sharp edges, shades, and experiments in color. In other words, your life is your art. Make the best of it. And remember to be kind.

I spent several moments recently, staring at a picture I took last fall of my five grandchildren. I saw glimpses of their parents, of myself, of their other grandparents, and most of all I saw the unique character of each of them. Each child is such a treasure to me and to their family, though not all children are so lucky. Not all are appreciated for their particular abilities and future contributions.  

I know each of my grandchildren can grow up to be a blessing for our world, perhaps an inventor, a doctor, a good parent themselves, a poet, an artist, a mathematician, or a teacher. They will not be held back because of circumstances beyond their control. They will thrive and they will contribute to our planet in their own way. I wish that for every child, though sadly, I know that won’t always be the case. It would be if every grandparent had their way.

I am so looking forward to getting my Covid vaccine. My niece is fighting her way out of the infection right now. She has underlying health issues, so this has been a scary fight and she is lucky. I pray she isn’t a “long-hauler.” The post-holiday surge has put a damper on our plans to travel and camp, for a little while. Either we need warmer weather so we don’t have to go so far, or vaccines.  

I continue to study my french lessons every day in the hope I can go to France sometime in 2021. The wedding celebration we had hoped to attend there this summer will probably be postponed for a second year in the wake of so many unknowns around the virus and the vaccine timetables. Once it is safe to travel, though, I am off!

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