Spring yet?

So I got to take a walk in which I had to actually wear snow boots! Whoohoo! The fresh air was great. The exercise was great. The company was great. Being out was just great.

Today is my mother’s 101st birthday. One would think that as the grief fades, her memory would likewise fade. Not so, in fact, I think of her more and more. More and more, I find myself doing things or saying things she would say. I want to ask her advice more and more. I want to know more about her life. 

Work on Compass Point is slow. I find I have tolerance for about one chapter at a time. I’m not sure if it is staring at the screen that is my problem, or the fact that I am fixing problems that I feel I shouldn’t have made in the first place. I know all writers need editors, that we simply do not see everything, but sometimes I am so frustrated when I come to a silly mistake I shouldn’t have made or should have seen in the multitude of times I have been through the manuscript. Fresh eyes—more eyes all make for a better story. I know this. Still. Aren’t you lucky? This blog gets no such polish. Unvarnished words only on these pages.

Is it spring yet?

I just looked out the windows and saw that the clouds were racing past at an incredible pace. Whoa. Does that mean a storm? I am imagining a spring storm, of course, but I suppose it would be considered a winter storm since it’s still only January. One could hope. Hope and patience are two things to come out of 2020. I’m being patient for a vaccine, and I’m hopeful for a calmer world. Won’t it be great when we can turn our attention to bettering our soil and the air we breathe? A sustainable environment. Yes. I’m hopeful.

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