Winter Plants

My bookclub thought we could have an in-person meeting this month. The day before it was scheduled was warm and sunny and got us all fired up to set our chairs (socially distanced) outside. The forecast agreed, but the reality on the day was cloudy and breezy until after the designated time, and so we zoomed. On cue, the sun came out and the breeze quieted at the end of the meeting. So it goes. By next month, all of the ladies should have both vaccinations. Glory be, I can’t wait. 

Some days it doesn’t pay to try and accomplish anything. I found out why toilet handles are screwed on counter-clockwise after I stripped the threads. It’s so you don’t unscrew the handle every time you flush. Ah ha! I didn’t figure out the counter-clockwise bit until I read the instructions on the new handle. That debacle happened after I went to plumbing supply houses to purchase pipe for a table base I want to make. The first place I went doesn’t sell to homeowners, the second place had a minimum of twenty foot pieces. I called a third and the fellow who answered sounded goofy, so I gave up.

After that run around, I’m feeling very Covid-19ish – safer at home. I find this to be true when I’m shopping for clothes too. If it doesn’t go well right off the bat, I might as well go home. It isn’t going to happen. Shopping isn’t my thing anyway. 

I’m back at the editing and it’s going well. I have yet to decide if I’m setting up the new raised garden bed this spring. I brought home some Century plant seeds from AZ and I’ve got them germinating. If they sprout, I’ll plant them in pots that I can easily tote into the garage for winter. They are definitely not a cold weather plant. Speaking of which, neither am I.


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