Self Diagnosis

All five grandchildren spent last Saturday night with me. After a family pot-luck, the and I kicked the generation in-between out the door. Well, after they got their kids in their pajamas. We had a wonderful evening. We started with a game my grandson had worked on all afternoon. He taught everyone how to play, and they got in three rounds before the youngest player played out. Then we switched to a movie. Half-way through it was bedtime for the two littles. They were nodding off. The biggles headed downstairs and played ping-pong until they too needed to hit the sack. The oldest and I read for half an hour until she was ready for sleep, too. I’m always ready.

Meanwhile, the parents played games at my daughter’s house. How wonderful that we live close enough to pull that off. All the grandkids got picked up by noon the next day. I dismantled the fort downstairs and the fairy houses upstairs. I am amazed at how quickly those structures get put up. My five-year-old can assemble her fairy house in minutes. She uses a “lot” of blankets and chairs and has done it enough times now to put it up without assistance. Of course, with her eleven year old cousin helping, a porch and additional rooms were added. It was quite impressive.

A frigid blast of winter air has descended. I had already found tulips peeking their heads up, but this cold will put the kibosh on their progress. Just as well. It’s too soon. I’d love to see the color but that won’t happen yet, not in Colorado. There is a lot of winter yet to come.

So, the next “fix it” saga for the house is the garage door openers. When I tried to reprogram the keypad, not only did that not work, but the remote in the car no longer worked either. So much for self-diagnosis. 

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