Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day! I decided that this cold blast of winter weather was a good time to open another one of the jigsaw puzzles I was given for Christmas. It did not come out of the box with all of the pieces right-side-up as I had requested. Go figure. It also looks incredibly difficult. What was I thinking?

I received my first dose of the Covid vaccine. I will keep you up on how that goes. From what I’ve read and heard, the reactions vary widely from person to person and between the first and second dose. I will admit I didn’t sleep well the night before. There were some mighty strange dreams.

The day after the vaccine, my arm was a tad bit sore, but I experienced no other side effects. I was given the Pfizer vaccine. I have to tell you, I feel such relief. In five weeks I will have no more qualms about travel, barring any new complications. I will continue wearing masks, of course, until summer probably, and using hand sanitizer. I love the fact that I haven’t caught any colds this winter. My daughter feels the same way and she is a teacher. The school’s cleaning protocols and distancing have really paid off. That was under the hybrid scenario, though. They plan to go back full-time soon and that puts a kibosh on the distancing. She’ll have her shot by then, so hopefully!

My rewrites and fixing the edits of Compass Point are narrowing in on being done. Hurray! I have to say, I am so grateful for the great editors I have for this book. Their work followed my critique partner’s work and then the beta readers input. There is a lot of behind the scenes labor in a good read. I have learned so much craft this time around. I hope that is always the case. Oh, and it’s -7 degrees outside!

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