Staring at Cookies

I’m waiting for the temperature to climb above zero before I go outside and shovel snow. Good Grief! The whole country has been zapped with this storm, so I know there are many worse off, but I still don’t like it. Many friends have posted their minus degree stats on social media. This is certainly one day I’m glad I’m not an animal standing outside. I feel for the ranchers who calve this early. Losses can be very high unless there is a barn to hold the newborns in.

This blast of cold has taken away my desire to order garden seeds. I don’t even want to think about gardening. Of course, this is the time of year to be thinking about it, to get the seeds started inside if you’re into that. No. No. No. However, I let my granddaughter plant an apple seed in a pot. Nothing came up after a month of waiting, so I put a palm tree seed in the same pot. A few days later, up popped a seed. I can’t tell which it is, a slow apple or a fast palm. Eventually, we will figure it out, I’m sure. 

I got my “Covid year” quilt back from the quilter. I am working on the binding and hanging sleeve now. I also need to order a rod for hanging it. It looks pretty good, as long as I don’t mess it up on the finishing touches. The quilting job was awesome. 

I’m still waiting on tax forms from a few entities. I hate the wait. My stuff is all ready, but here I sit, tapping my fingers, itching to get the process done and not able to move forward. I really dislike not being able to check something off from my list. It’s kind of like staring at cookies you made for someone else.

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