The Quilt

My “National Park Quilt” is done. One could call it the “Surviving Isolation Quilt,” or the “Covid Crazy Quilt,” or “I will not succumb to 2020 Quilt.”  You get the point. I’m still here and it is finished and ready to hang on the wall.

I call it my national park quilt because I have seen all of the animals and symbols I appliquéd on the quilt in the parks I’ve visited. I’ve had the idea of doing one for quite some time. 2020 stepped in and provided me plenty of time to do it. All of the material came from scraps I had, or from my friend who had a wonderful selection. I say all except the backing. That I ordered.

In the process, I learned a lot about quilting and binding quilts, and I wonder now about putting that knowledge to use making another one of a different kind. I’ve been reading a book called “The Invention of Wings.” There is a lot of history about story quilts and I am intrigued. The thought of making one entirely by hand is the kind of goal I like. Perhaps. I’ll have to ponder on it for a while.

We actually got above freezing. Glory Be.

This past week would have been my dad’s 100th birthday. I didn’t realize that once the grieving was done, I would continue to miss my folks more and more each year. I suppose that is normal. I remember my dad talking about how much he missed his parents. Days like this, I wish my sisters were around to reminisce with. I sure don’t like being the only one left. Thank goodness for my kids and grandkids!

Gardening! That’s what I shall focus on. Spring is just a hop, skip, and jump away. Right? And then there is also my quest for a book agent. 

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