Young and Old

I do believe a person doesn’t truly appreciate being young until they are old. By then it is too late. It’s not too late to live, to enjoy, to absorb the light around us, I’m not saying that, but I am saying that when we have the endurance, the strength, and the vitality of youth, we don’t realize how fleeting it is. We take it for granted rather than understand what a blessing those things are. 

I suppose it is meant to be that way. There often isn’t time when you are making a living and raising your children to stop and ponder how your body will feel in twenty, thirty, or forty years. That reflection could throw you into melancholy. So on we go, each stage of our lives to be lived in its own grace. It’s the best that we can do.

Finally. Two days of nice weather meant I headed to the mountains to snowshoe. It is rather odd this year how some areas have plenty of snow and some hardly have any. That won’t be good unless it changes or there will be a bad fire season once again. Last year’s was so awful. We don’t want a repeat. 

I bit the bullet and ordered plants and seeds for the garden. The warm season is coming, though hidden behind the grey veil of winter at the moment. Having finished my book and my quilt, I struggled for a few days to move forward to the next project. I even indulged myself in an afternoon of binge watching a favorite on tv. Now it’s time to move on. There-in lies the problem. Move on to what? I have a book project outlined but not an ounce of motivation to begin work on it. Inspiration! That’s what I need. Perhaps the crocus, daffodils, and tulips I planted last fall will soon come to my rescue.

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