Brain Power

Another snow has fallen, this time with some moisture in it. That is certainly a good thing. I didn’t get enough accumulation where I live to make for difficult shoveling, but others did. There is another snow coming in the forecast, but this one is slated for the mountains. That’s needed. The reservoirs and the forests all desperately need it. 

I have started the task of sending query letters to book agents. Not exactly a creative process. It is, however, the only way to get an agent, short of knowing one or pitching to one during a pitch-fest or a conference. I don’t like pitching and I’m not good at it. Why am I in this business? 

I’m far more excited about planting trees at the farm than making a pitch about my book. I think the book is good. I think it’s worth publishing. I think it’s a good read, maybe even exciting. I think I accomplished my goal of getting my dad’s character and stories written down. The book has been edited, critiqued, read, copy edited, read, read, and yes—read. It’s ready for an agent. So are thousands of other good books. Again, I ask myself, why am I in this business?

Sunshine is so glorious! 

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I would study French for an hour each day instead of fifteen minutes, I would get a whole lot farther—a whole lot faster. I’m afraid it would then become a chore and I would stop doing it all together. Right now, I love sitting down for my morning coffee and fifteen minutes with my french lessons. I am a little frustrated though by how much I forget each day. Instead of acting like a sponge, my brain has taken to acting like a sieve. I remember when I stopped collecting antique colanders because I was afraid of becoming what I collected. Too late!

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