Warmer weather. Good. Longer days. Good. Second vaccination. Good. That adds up to—TRAVEL! I don’t know where I’m going yet, but the bug-out bug is rampant at my house.

I went to the store earlier this week and a couple of items that I have been unable to get lately were back in stock. The last time I went to the store, I had asked why they were out—literally bare shelves—and was told their supply chain for those items came through Texas. The horrible ice and snow storm had not just affected vaccination distribution (what we all heard on the news) but food distribution too. 

Whew, I thought, grateful that I was able to purchase those items again. Then I was immediately stabbed by guilt. Those people with burst pipes, no water, destroyed homes, and lost jobs have not gone back to normal. Not by a long shot. Wow, do I ever forget and take for granted all of the many blessings I have! If you are able, please donate to Red Cross, Feeding America, or the Military Family Advisory Network. Those are just a few of the worthy organizations out there trying to help. 

I hear chain saws working in the neighborhood. That is an exciting sound for me. I think it harkens me back to those autumns my family went up on the Uncompaghre Plateau to gather and cut fire wood for the winter. We always took a picnic lunch and had a grand time. Once home, my dad got out his homemade saw horse and cut the long pieces into fireplace size. My job was stacking it up in this huge pile against the fence. After us kids were grown, the big pile got replaced by my dad’s rock working shed. But for me, the sweet memory is the pungent smell of fresh-cut cedar and the roar of the chainsaw. There is nothing I like more than a fireplace fire.

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