Happy St. Patty’s Day

Happy St. Patricks Day! And Happy Birthday to my friends who have birthdays on this most green-beer of days. I don’t suppose there can be a parade with two feet of snow on the roads. Once they plow, there will be five feet on the sidewalks. Nope, I believe we are going through another year of no Patty’s day parade, at least in Colorado. 

Well, it was quite the storm. Here, we didn’t get the thirty inches that parts of Wyoming got, but we got close enough, eighteen inches of heavy, wet snow. A lot of moisture in it, which is good for the forests and reservoirs. I only fell once while knocking snow off of tree branches, but falling into two feet of snow makes for a soft landing. Luckily I had ski-pants on. The hardest part was rolling over so I could push myself back up. I was laughing so hard, that wasn’t exactly easy.

I got out my snowshoes and traversed the neighborhood. That was sweet. It was the best snow I’ve been in all winter. I’ve never seen this much snow on my roof, beautiful really. What isn’t pretty is the damage to trees. A couple of the neighbors have trees in bad shape. So sad.

I’ve gotten started sewing quilt squares. Doing that gives my back time to recover between bouts of shoveling. The routine is: query a couple of agents, sew a square, pick out colors and cut the pieces for the next square, go outside. It makes the day go. I’m wondering how many of my appointments that were scheduled for this week will have to be cancelled. Two so far.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about hearing the sound of chain saws. It is happening again, but this time because of broken branches brought down by the heavy snow. So sad when that happens. We badly needed the moisture, but…

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