Vernal Equinox

The hours of light and dark are now equal! Yay. I always feel great hope at this juncture that the green of spring is actually on the way.

I got through the green holiday without getting pinched. In my granddaughter’s household, you better wear green pajamas so that when you wake up on St. Patrick’s Day you have green on. She is a terror. She almost doesn’t count green socks (what I was wearing) because you can’t see them under pants and snow boots. After getting two snow days off from school, she was a little extra ornery.

So far I’ve kept up with sewing one quilt square each day. I’m making all of my friends and family choose their favorite colors for a personalized square. That way, once it’s on my bed, I’ll always have each of them close to me. That might be a silly notion, but it is very comforting to me. 

Following the death of my mom and sister, I did not want to deal with selling my middle grade novel, Rhyaden, on my website, only through the major retailers. Looking back, I have to shake my head at that decision. To rectify it, and hopefully better late than never, I am now offering Rhyaden on my site: It is still a great book for teenagers, full of good morals and a good ending parents can appreciate. Please consider purchasing it for summer reading, birthday gifts, etc. I’ve yet to meet an adult who has read it and not liked it too.

On that note, I am on the daily quest for an agent to help me sell Compass Point. This is my best work yet, dedicated to my dad. It highlights a few of his stories from the FBI and his character, has plenty of adventure and suspense, and a good ending for those of you who like that. Good endings are the only kind I write, because it’s the only kind I want to read. 

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