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While I try to stay away from political topics and arguments, once in a while a subject hits too close to home for me to ignore. One of those topics is facing Colorado right now. So here I go.

A ballot initiative has been proposed, Initiative 16, that would in effect kill the livestock industry in Colorado. The impact is huge, and far reaching. Not only will it hurt all of the ag related businesses in our state (like feed stores, vet supply stores, and veterinarians) but also grain farmers, rural towns, markets, gas stations, schools, and really anyone who eats. The list goes on and on. It will kill our exporting markets like Japan. High-end restaurants will have to import beef, chicken and pork from other states. Now they (other states) love that idea!

This initiative proposes to tell us at what age we can slaughter our animals, not the veterinarians or ranchers who have been doing this for generations, and it doesn’t stop there. It proposes ranchers and farmers and fish farms cannot use accepted veterinary practices for artificial insemination, herd health maintenance, etc. It is unbelievable. All in the name of being kind to animals. The people who proposed this should have to spend a year on a real ranch to see exactly how they would take care of hundreds of animals day in and day out. By the way, when you hold over those animals for an extra three years, who is going to find them the space and pay for the feed? I can guarantee you the rancher doesn’t have any extra profit to pay for it. The consumer gets a lousy, inferior product or else goes to neighboring states to purchase quality meat. There won’t be any in Colorado, that’s for sure.

Colorado’s economy goes in the tank with this initiative. Even our governor and other elected officials realize the stupidity and far reaching effects of this proposition and have come out against it. If you live in Colorado, speak up! Come out against Initiative 16. I hope it never makes it to our ballot box, but that only happens if we use our voices now. 

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