Lions and Lambs

This has been a pretty busy week with appointments. My blood work came back excellent. All this healthy eating pays off, I guess. I’m down three and a half pounds from last year, which wouldn’t be noteworthy except my doc said most of his patients gained weight this past year of Covid! My car also had a check-up, oil change, wash, and re-set of the electrical system. Kind of like my phone. I had to run it into the store and find out how the new shut-down procedure goes for a hard reboot. It’s changed and somehow I missed that update. The phone got it, just not me. Go figure.

So how did we get to the last of the March already, which means the last of the first quarter of this year? The month came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb. I wonder if there are actual stats on that happening?

The quilt is coming right along. I’ve probably gotten about a third of the squares cut and sewn. That’s good progress. It will slow down, I’m sure, once the weather warms up enough to get outside and garden. For now, I just keep plugging along. I think it’s truly going to be beautiful.

Spring bulbs are showing up throughout the yard. Now, I’m not regretting ordering so many last fall. Planting them was a little exasperating, but I’m going to love the color!

Ok, a strange noise just made me look out the window. Two kids rode by, one on a bike with a long rope pulling the other kid on an office chair on wheels. I wonder how long those little wheels are going to last? At least boy number two had on a helmet for when the crash happens. No brakes on vehicle number two. Oh, there they go again! I should have gone out to see how fast they took the culdesac. I also wonder if their folks know. Mums the word here. 

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