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Experts Needed – On Some Occasions

Oh la la, as the french would say. The grand girls and I have cleaned up the downstairs and pretty much have the upstairs put back together too. Five kids over three days can make amazing messes. The really cool thing is all of them were willing to help me sort out toys for the…

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Crazy Colorado Weather

The weather is up and down, crazy Colorado—change on a dime—kind of stuff. One minute the wind is howling, then a snow squall blows through, then that glorious sun comes out, the wind calms, and fifteen minutes later clouds obscure the sun once more. I have much to do outside, but I’m staying in and…

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Leaks and Such

Yard work has begun in earnest. I’m trying to find the leak I put off locating last fall. So far, I have not accomplished that little nugget of a project. Still digging. I have fixed two leaky outdoor faucets, well, one is fixed, the other is slowed to a nagging drip. I also dragged out…

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