Leaks and Such

Yard work has begun in earnest. I’m trying to find the leak I put off locating last fall. So far, I have not accomplished that little nugget of a project. Still digging. I have fixed two leaky outdoor faucets, well, one is fixed, the other is slowed to a nagging drip. I also dragged out all of the hoses and replaced all of the gaskets in every one. I’m touting it as preventative maintenance. Next I will turn the sprinkler system on, but I would really like to get the line that is leaking all dug up first. I’m told, that way I can follow the water to the problem. Hmmm. 

I have a big weekend of grandchildren coming up. Should be fun. I have the food figured out, I just need to figure out activities. You don’t suppose they would like to do yard work, do you? I decided they can help me sort toys to donate. They have outgrown a lot of what I have here. That is kind of sad. It happens so fast.

I won’t be going overboard this summer with gardening, as I plan to spend a good deal of my summer working on the cabin, helping two sets of my kids move, and hopefully getting in some camping. Luckily, the bulbs and perennials do their own thing. Something growing in a pot might be in trouble if it needs regular water. I might try fake evergreens in the pots by the front door.

I haven’t worked on the quilt for a week. I took off for a couple of days of fun, antiquing, appliance research, hiking, learning to use power tools, that sort of thing. I am over half done now making the squares, which in itself is wonderful. Once I got the hang of the steps to my pattern, it started going pretty fast. It will be a good “hot” weather project from here on out. 

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