Crazy Colorado Weather

The weather is up and down, crazy Colorado—change on a dime—kind of stuff. One minute the wind is howling, then a snow squall blows through, then that glorious sun comes out, the wind calms, and fifteen minutes later clouds obscure the sun once more. I have much to do outside, but I’m staying in and working on the quilt. Maybe in the afternoon, I will venture out. Maybe not. 

I can always work on readying “Compass Point” for printing. That will take concentration that I won’t have extra of once the grandkids descend. I have thought long and hard about marketing this latest novel of mine. I’m afraid my heart isn’t in it. I love the book, but it seems as if losing my mother and sister dissolved all of my desire to write. I always tried to write books or stories that my mother would enjoy. Motivation has evaporated. I thought it would come back, but so far it hasn’t. 

We have one really nice day in the forecast, so I’m hopeful. My bike is coming out of winter hibernation. Perhaps the patio furniture too. A little snow and rain can wash off the accumulated dust of storage.

Those brilliant yellow daffodils are making quite the statement all around my yard. They are truly a blessing that brings a smile to my face every time I see them. Green leaves have popped out on my lilac tree. One batch of tulips near the dryer vent to the outside is in full bloom. The rest are getting close. I too always need the repose of winter in order to revive my enthusiasm for gardening. It is a cycle that I have come to appreciate, though sometimes my bones wish for warmth. I’m not sure how I would do with being a snowbird flying south for winter. Vacations to warm climates are wonderful and restorative, but without the cold of winter, I wonder if I would truly appreciate spring so much. 

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