Experts Needed – On Some Occasions

Oh la la, as the french would say. The grand girls and I have cleaned up the downstairs and pretty much have the upstairs put back together too. Five kids over three days can make amazing messes. The really cool thing is all of them were willing to help me sort out toys for the donate pile. Only one china plate from the tea set bit the dust, due to an overzealous three year old helping move and stack the little pieces. Ah well, so it goes. She was trying so hard to help, I couldn’t say anything except, “shucks.” Her older sister was not happy, tea parties are her thing, but as I said, so it goes.

Cold weather has descended. That does not delight me one bit. I get spoiled so easily. 

Victory! I have now found and fixed the big sprinkling system leak. Turned out it was between the ac unit and the house—not an easy place to dig. Worst of all, the leak was caused by the landscaper twenty years ago when they put down fabric under rock. They drove a fabric stake into the one inch line. The stake itself kept the line from leaking badly, until it finally rusted and broke off. Also in the worst category is the fact that the one inch line runs directly beneath my ac unit. Hard to believe someone did that. The line could have gone directly west from the house, but oh no, they decided to make a great big curve. Tell me! Which came first? The ac unit or the landscaping? 

I can only be grateful the leak was not directly under the ac unit. The word disaster comes to mind. Definitely something I could not have fixed myself. I should retract that statement “fixed myself.” I had to make several phone calls to my favorite retired plumbing contractor for tips, as well as for the other small leaks, including a valve stem leak that I now know how to tighten. Four out of five have been resolved. The fifth one is an outside house faucet that might have stripped threads. I’m calling in the expert on that one.

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