Fluid Time

We’re squarely into the last half of April, the second quarter of the year, and we’re marching quickly toward graduation season. I don’t understand how a concept as rigid and precise as time can be so fluid, speeding up and slowing down all by the whims of our brains. Why does time seem to go slower when you are at the beginning of a project—or a life—and so quickly when you are nearing the end. The clocks say it is going at the same speed, but my brain says “Ack, slow down, it’s going too fast!”

Like so much of what happens today, I don’t understand this vagarious time thing. The list of what I don’t understand is long, I admit, but I like the fact that I keep trying to learn. My goals are to have an open mind, discuss, and listen. What more can a person do?

I strained my hand/wrist this past week. I’m wearing a velcro splint and I’ve found there are several advantages. It has gotten me out of downward dog when I do my yoga as well as the pushups in my morning routine. 

So, young people don’t do facebook anymore. It’s for “old people.” The youth like Instagram and TikTok. The only time you see young people on FB is when their grandparents share their pictures. Food and grandkids. Now if we can just get politics off of FB, in fact off all of the Internet. Wouldn’t that be something? 

There is more snow in the forecast! Happy Spring.

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