Ahh Technology

The daffodils have once again bowed their heads to nature, weighed down by inches of snow. If we’re lucky, the snow will insulate the tulip buds from the freezing temperatures because no sunshine has visited its warmth upon the landscape, only gloomy clouds stirred by bitter breezes. 

Can you tell I’m sick of winter? Enough already. At least grace us with sunshine and warmth in-between these bursts of snow. Rain showers are okay too, preferable really. I love moisture and Colorado is desperately in need of moisture, but these bitter temperatures and lack of sunshine turn me into a gloomy Gertrude. 

All of the squares for my quilt have been sewn. I have one extra one but decided I really didn’t like it so I’m glad I don’t need it. I laid them all out on the floor and moved them around until I was happy. Now, I need to trim them, and cut the border strips. Then I start sewing again. I so wish my new sewing machine would arrive. My old machine and I have had words of late, some quite heated. Oh, and I even designed the pillow shams. They’ll be out of the same colors, but not the 12 piece squares of the quilt. I think the contrast will be nice. 

My granddaughter’s school swim season is over. It was a short one, but I really enjoyed watching her. The schools figured out how to do it virtually, each school staying at their home pool and televising the heats simultaneously. It’s all about the clock, so it is easy to share times between schools almost instantly. What a smart, inventive solution to keep Covid protocols, and still let the kids compete. Because it was live streaming, I got to watch one of her meets without leaving home. Not as fun as being there in person, but better than missing it all together. Sometimes technology is all right!

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