The forecaster called this dance between winter and spring “Sprinter,” Not a bad name except it sounds a little perkier than I feel every time it returns to the cloudy-cold side. Lately there has been some weather nice enough to get out in the yard and test the limits of my back muscles. Happens every year.

I am trying to gather ideas for the renovation at the farm. I’ve yet to decide if this process is a good idea or a not-so-good one. There are way too many “decor” choices for me. I believe I’m slowly getting a feel for it, and then I get overwhelmed. We’ll see. I’m not the only one going through this. There is renovation going on next door, across the street, and in the house behind me. Everybody seems to be in the renovation mood. Perhaps it’s the “I’m over Covid” syndrome. 

The quilt is turning out great. It is so colorful and dynamic. It’s almost an art piece, and I wonder about actually using it on a bed. That’s what I made it for, though, so I will. I don’t want it sitting in a closet or hanging on a wall gathering dust. Life is meant to be lived! What a challenge it turned out to be. I wonder what I will try next?

One of my granddaughters fell off the back of their couch the other day, giving herself a giant bump on the forehead. Now she has two black eyes, sort of a raccoon effect. The incident has not slowed her down one bit, she is as audacious and spunky as ever. I’m beginning to think of her as Little Miss Attitude, although her older sister has a touch of that too. Come to think of it, it reminds me of my kids. Funny how that works.

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