We’re kind of camping, kind of not. For a few days, I am helping renovate a house in Cripple Creek built in 1896. What a process! A huge job, huge! I am doing the simple things like taping woodwork so we can paint, cleaning light sconces, cooking, etc. The house needed thorough cleaning first, then painting, then new windows, flooring and carpet, and the list of little things to be fixed is two pages long. Oh, and insulation. So, long story short, we are sleeping in the camper parked in the backyard.

For a break, we took a beautiful ride through the mountains following Cripple Creek on a winding dirt road that I had never been on before. Magnificent scenery! We took a couple of short walks, had sunny skies, and truly enjoyed the break from the house. I’m going home with a couple of treasures, one is an old brick with the kind of markings you cannot get anymore, and the other is some reclaimed wood I can make a cool towel rack out of for the cabin.

I came home to lots of tulips blooming and green leaves on trees. A welcome sight after leaving Cripple Creek in a snow squall. It is bittersweet. I love to be home and I loved being up there. That is a feeling I remember as a little girl when we went to Minnesota to visit family. I so loved being with my cousins, but I so loved being home. Some things—feelings—never change. I’d cry leaving home and I’d cry leaving Minnesota. I no longer cry but the feelings are still there. 

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