Mush Puddle

It is warm outside. Actually warm. I know there will be snippets of cold and possibly even snow yet to come this spring, but for the most part, the long winter is over. All of those bulbs, one hundred and fifty to be exact, that I planted last fall are sharing their vibrant colors with me now, telling me it’s okay, we made it through. The lilac tree outside my kitchen window is fully leafed out. Even the crabapple has started putting on blooms. Spring is glorious, despite the sneezes that come with it.

I went bowling with a friend and surprised myself with a good score. We went for laughs, and decided we will continue. A little exercise and some good laughs. What more can you ask for?

In the garden, I fertilized, planted radishes and peas, wildflowers and zinnias. Now we are expecting a couple of days of rain and cooler temps, so I will work on sorting and prepping for a community yard sale next weekend. My granddaughter wants to do a lemonade stand. The weather is forecasted to be nice, so I hope all turns out well. I also hope to get rid of stuff. I’m always on the lookout for paring down the stuff.

And I’m afraid I turned the corner from whining about the cold to whining about the heat. I overdid it in the yard digging grass out of flower beds. No ones fault but my own. I know better, but I wanted to get the task at hand done. When it hits the mid eighties, I am toast, or more aptly put, I turn into a puddle of mush.  

My novel Compass Point is nearing completion. That is rather exciting. I hope everyone who likes a good read with a little excitement, and characters you would love to meet in real life will give the book a try. I’ll let you know when it launches.               

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