The Finest

Glorious and needed rain is falling. I’m so thankful. I’ve used this rainy time to comb through the house and sort out for my coming yard sale. I didn’t think I had much until I got going. I asked myself if I really loved each item I looked at. If the answer was no or not really, it went to the garage. If it’s sitting in a drawer or a closet, chances are I haven’t seen it or used it in years. In that case, out it goes. I’m so past having stuff I don’t use. My parent’s and sister’s sixty year collection cured me of wanting to leave stuff for my kids to have to sort through and get rid of.

The odd thing is, I’m still having bad dreams about my parent’s house and my sister. I can’t seem to get through some aspect of the grief process. That or my subconscious just does not want to give it up. I don’t know. I really don’t understand. My life is good. My kids are healthy. My grandkids light up my life. I have a great relationship with my best friend, and many other great friends to boot. I get to travel. I get to garden. I get to design, and write, and sew. On and on my blessings go, so why the bad dreams?

Maybe that is why I love to have the grandkids spend the night, or have company come, or go visiting. When others are around, I don’t have the dreams. One of these days, the answer will come to me, or the dreams will finally fade away. Patience is the one good lesson I have learned these past ten years or so. How to go on enjoying the blessings of your life while you wait. Letting life unfold and enjoying the wonder of it is probably the finest blessing of all.

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