Shut Down

A day of rain. Good for the grass. Good for the earth—when it doesn’t come so much at once that you end up flooding. Unlike the last rain we got here in the city, I’m hoping this one extends out east to our farm and pastures where it is truly needed. I can turn the sprinklers on here. Out there, Mother Nature controls the spigot. The rain turned to snow but only about an inch. Snow melts slowly and soaks in. All good. 

So, my new sewing machine came a couple weeks ago. Since I finished sewing the quilt, I finally unpacked it the other evening. By late that night, I was wishing I hadn’t bought the new one. Alas, the light of a new day brought hope that I could make the adjustment. I will likely never learn half of the things it does, but I have discovered a couple of things that I am truly going to love, so, okay, I won’t put the old one back up. Thank heavens for You Tube videos. I’m going to move my lap top to the sewing room for a while. It reminds me of when I bought my new car. I had to start with the steering wheel, brakes, and gas pedal. Everything else comes with time.

I had to call the Social Security office and try to figure out why my records are screwed up. I felt so much better at the end – only because the gal I was working with was as bumfuzzled as I was. It always feels better when you know you aren’t alone. The letter I got from the “system” states a way for me to protest their decision, but the problem comes from my not understanding their decision, so how do I protest? We think it has to do with me cashing out my PERA account back in 1995 for about $100.00. There is a $0.59 offset and the computer system doesn’t seem to know how to deal with that small amount. I’m surprised I didn’t accidentally shut down the entire government.

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